The Future of Search Engines

Search Engines and their technlogy have come a long way in just the last few years. From simple manual directories to Lycos (remember them? Probably not, they used to be the most popular website in the world) then to more advanced crawlers like Google now. The difference in their functions and capabilities over just a […]

Do WordPress themes and SEO plugins help rank in Google?

“Will WordPress themes and SEO plugins help me rank in Google?” is a common question, and belief, and was recently asked in our blog section. Due to high implementation of “SEO” functions in new and existing WordPress themes, and heavy marketing of this idea by those out to make a buck off selling such SEO […]

Wix and SEO

Do you have a Wix site or considering getting one for your business website? We’ll run down who should or should not use such a service, and why. If you don’t know what Wix is, they market their do it yourself website design services along the lines of “everyone deserves to have their own stunning […]

How not to run a facebook promotion

Over the past month, Nissan Australia has been running a public online promotion – managed by their own internal staff titled Micraspotting (twitter hash tag #micraspotting), to win a car and some vouchers. The prizes were won by spotting random photos on random partner facebook company pages in the quickest time per week and over […]