The Future of Search Engines

Search Engines and their technlogy have come a long way in just the last few years. From simple manual directories to Lycos (remember them? Probably not, they used to be the most popular website in the world) then to more advanced crawlers like Google now. The difference in their functions and capabilities over just a few years has increased many times over. So what does the future bring?

Marcus Tandler gave a passionate and interesting TED talks speech at TEDxMünchen. His passion is obvious and infectious.
It’s not just about ranking for keywords anymore. Google will not stay the same for long (and Google may be overtaken by someone else with some as yet unknown technology)
For anyone interested in future technologies and how they will effect your business presence online, and your own day to day activities Marcus’s thoughts and ideas and enthusiasm for the talk topic are worth a quick view.

Google and other search companies have already brought us Google Glass, personalised search, and now self driving cars (So we can spend more time using search engines on our phones even more!).
What will the future bring?
I, nor any of the brightest minds could tell you now what the top technology for search will be over the next decade, as the technology has likely not even been invented yet. But you can bet in 5-20 years, looking back to now will seem like the stone age.
Many so called exerts are still 5 years behind on SEO and currently use outdated search expertise already! If you want to make the most of it, it’s important you always keep up to date, or at least side with the experts who will achieve that for you.

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