Video Optimisation

Video SEO

Optimisation of video is an essential service for any business looking to increase their audience, and reach an untapped market.

After Google, the second most popular search engine is not Yahoo or Bing, it is in fact Youtube. There are millions of people searching for videos on Youtube and hundreds of other video hosting sites, many of these could be your customers.
Don’t you wish your target audience, those looking for what you’re selling, found a video promoting your business or website online?

Google loves rich content such as Youtube videos. Not only do videos get an extremely high volume of traffic on Youtube and other sites, if the videos are optimised and have SEO applied they can rank on page 1 of Google’s main search engine for your most desired search terms, gaining highly targeted traffic and customers to your business.
We have got some videos that dominate 70% (7 out of 10 of the search results) of the first page for some search terms. These videos continue to get thousands of hits regularly in a very lucrative market. That is optimisation domination!

Would you like to unlock the potential of video SEO? Ask us about our video optimisation services today.