Do WordPress themes and SEO plugins help rank in Google?

“Will WordPress themes and SEO plugins help me rank in Google?” is a common question, and belief, and was recently asked in our blog section. Due to high implementation of “SEO” functions in new and existing WordPress themes, and heavy marketing of this idea by those out to make a buck off selling such SEO plugins and themes for WordPress and other platforms, it is very common to see as a product feature.

If all it took to do SEO was install a theme and click a button, then anyone could rank for anything, and we’d all be filthy rich. Common sense will tell you that’s simply not how it works.

Most 3rd party themes on WordPress, Jooma, Drupal and other platforms contain claims of “SEO” optimised code, and there are many SEO plugins for WordPress etc.
It also seems even every web designer and graphic designer now seem to offer such “SEO” too. I’ve even seen a lot of so called SEO services claiming they do such SEO, or that keywords should always be used X amount of times. That is false, and dangerous, and it is clear they don’t really understand how to best implement it.
The search engine optimisation they offer is not SEO, but usually only “good practice” coding, bare minimum foundations for “SEO”, which WordPress mostly has by default already, but is not actually SEO. Yes, it is beneficial to add in your keywords, and an opportunity to input some keyword rich code, but is not SEO.

They are somewhat helpful, but you will not rank for competitive keywords simply by using an “SEO plugin”/SEO optimised code, especially if not used 100% correctly with expert knowledge.
They are also outdated as soon as they are released, and some are years outdated/irrelevant/don’t understand SEO. They very often have areas to optimise “meta keywords”, something the common person believes is highly beneficial to ranking in Google, but is actually something Google completely ignores!
All these plugins and themes allow you to do is enter relevant keywords in the right area of your code (“onsite SEO”), but without any proper analysis will in fact cause you to display your keywords too many or not enough times, and in the wrong places.

An SEO service like ours scientifically analyses your keywords and reverse engineers Google’s algorithm to work out EXACTLY what keywords to use, how many times.
It is important to get right, but is only a very tiny part (maybe 1%!) of what will rank you for good keywords! There is a lot more to it.

Even having perfectly optimised code, you still will not rank well unless you have good “offsite SEO” : high quality link building and building up your external authority with Google from other relevant and authority websites, such as what our service can provide. That is a lot more important and powerful to determine how Google ranks separate sites above each other.
Even then, there is a whole lot more to it, and there are very few people who can do it well, but thousands of junk services and plugins that fraudulently mislead and misrepresent what they will achieve for your website rankings.

Only with top ranking results will you succeed, and only with the best quality service will you get top results. To get the best value from SEO services you will need to rank page 1 in Google for good competitive keywords that bring you in the most relevant traffic and potential for your business to reach the largest audience and sell your products and services.

Only one site can be #1 for a keyword, whenever our clients get first place rankings it is for a very good reason: being highly skilled experts, implementing very exacting analysis customised to each client and keyword, and Google’s current algorithm, and us putting in a lot of hard work.

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