We are a boutique Search Engine Optimisation company, who love to work with local small and medium sized businesses around Melbourne and Australia to build up their businesses. We help them build value in their business and dominate the search engines results, and at the same time help better service the community.
Although not limited to Melbourne, we have also optimised websites for places as far away as Scotland.

The internet has levelled out the playing field, created massive opportunities for businesses to compete against the biggest of International companies. When you add SEO into the mix, you can be standing on the shoulders of giants.
Search Engine Optimisation allows you to specifically target your most desired customers in your local area, or anywhere in the world.

Our history
We have been working with the internet since the mid 1990s, building websites, building brands and being on the forefront of technology.

Formally, our background is built on computer science, programming, internet security, psychology, marketing, mathematics and professional stock trading and analysis. We have applied experience working with internet companies, corporate business heavyweights such as IBM, computer and security divisions of government departments such as Victoria Police and Australian Customs, and have close ties to Google staff insiders.

We see Search Engine Optimisation as one of the most essential and beneficial services for businesses (both online and offline traditional bricks and mortar businesses, especially recently), and has been our focus for many years now.
More people are online than ever before, these are exciting times for any business who wants to gain new customers.

The booming trend in new online usage and an extremely targetable audience combined with SEO is a source unlimited potential for any business.