Marcus Bowring in the news

The services of chief Search Engine Optimisation consultant Marcus Bowring of Control Alt Elite have recently gained widespread attention and media coverage. We’ve been mentioned in the news by several major news outlets and radio stations for promoting the cause of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Thanks for your support everyone. Our people have been pastacuted for too long. Down with bigotonis!
We’re just like other religions, except with human rights for all, and without the child abuse, violence and billions lost in tax revenue.
We’ve taken on clients from many different religions. We welcome all to use our website ranking and online promotion services, even pastaphobes and anti-glutites.

Show your solidarity for a very worthy cause. Marcus Bowring and team encourage all current and prospective Patafarians to renew their licence with the official religious head wear of a pasta strainer or colander on your head.

With thanks to Vicroads for being impossible to deal with in the first place, who previously had caused much anguish and time wasting in the past, this attitude helped as be even more determined. Also to the good open minded and understanding staff there, we salute you.

The Eight “I’d Really Rather You Didn’ts” is  a much more sensible and honourable version of of the 10 commandments,
except it is far less petty, much more morally sound, peaceful and has much more focus on better treatment of everyone in society.

Let us know your feedback good or bad, and feel free to write in and tell us about any mentions you may hear on radio, printed media or other websites about us, it’s hard to keep up with the many sites writing about us.

For any Pastafarians interested in our Search Engine Optimisation services, if you show us your government documented ID showing your licence or passport with a pasta strainer on your head, we will gladly give you a discount off our SEO services. Email us now to enquire about that special opportunity.

Thanks all

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