What results do you guarantee?

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Most of our packages come with a guarantee to increase your rankings in 30 days or less.

We have a 100% success rate to date getting websites a page 1 result within a few months.
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Clients who stick with us long term have so far ALL eventually achieved #1 positions for their TOP keywords. If our clients are #1 and you're #1 that literally means no other SEO company working on similar sites can compete with us (or your site) if you're one of these clients.
If you're not using our services and your competitor is, then we're likely to get your competitor above you. Now who would you prefer helping you?

Most SEO companies offer no guarantees, and suck people in with cheap and nasty packages that get poor or no results, so you've wasted your money and time. Even worse, low quality SEO can cause massive damage to your SEO and rankings, and get your site banned from Google.
By limiting our services and helping only the most serious business owners, those smart enough and prepared to invest quality in their business, and seeking to help only those who understand the value of gaining a return on their investment, we can maintain our high standards and achieve the best results for these select few.

So we only like to work with businesses where we are confident you will get a great return on investment, and see the best results.

We'll let our results do the talking.

To read more about our guaranteed SEO policy follow that link.

Sometimes there are some external factors no SEO expert can control with your business and website, so you should be wary of anyone who does claim to promise results, yet has no proven results, offers no guarantee, or a weak guarantee not enforceable by Australian consumer laws (such as dodgy offshore providers).

If we do not help you gain many more customers and increased profits we wouldn't be in business for long, that we can guarantee!