Guaranteed SEO services

Does Control Alt Elite guarantee results for their SEO services?

Very quickly into a campaign, every single one of our clients have achieved a website ranked on page 1; for not just one, but multiple targeted search terms / keywords. We expect the same for you.

We offer guaranteed SEO, guaranteed to give you a ranking improvement within 30 days or less.
Our unique SEO quality means your results from our services are faster and stronger than other so called experts.

The more success and profits we can make for your business, the more successful our own business. We like to work only with businesses where we are confident this will happen.
If you do not succeed, we do not succeed.

We had one case where we got a client to the top of Page 1 for a very popular search term, and one day it suddenly vanished from Google, and traffic dropped completely. The client’s old website designer (without checking with us) had uploaded a new version of the website, accidentally undoing much of the SEO work we did on the web page, and making the website code completely unoptimised again (It was reoptimised, and back on Page 1 the next day).
We had already achieved a top position for this client, and successfully completed the guarantee deal. However, we want the best success for all our clients, so we helped them get back to the top again (and advised them to get a better web designer).

So although we offer our own guarantee (and have a 100% success rate so far), if some factor outside our control interferes or impacts our work, this could damage your rankings. So we can not guarantee a rankings increase when other companies, people and external factors outside our control could potentially damage your ranking and interfere with our work and guarantee.

Our system is very well proven, which is why people keep using our services, and have a 100% success rate. We’ve yet to find a single website we could not help make massive gains.

We guarantee we believe we are the best SEO experts, technically savvy, hardest working, and most skilled.
Try us, we’ll let our results do the talking.

If we do not help you gain many more customers and increased profits we wouldn’t be in business for long, that we can guarantee.