Payment Authorisation

Sign up for our electronic credit and debit payment system.
Complete the payment authorisation system below, to easily automate authorisation for payments of invoices we (Control Alt Elite) issue and other payments for our digital services and online services.
This way we can debit your credit/debit card for a variable amount (up to the mutually agreed upon maximum) each month for invoices we issue, and/or for other services rendered by us where we deem payment is required.

Completing this form will NOT debit your account now, but only when we decide to actually bill you. Completion confirms you’re acceptance to authorise withdrawal of future billings through the Paypal system.
Completion of this form warrants to PayPal and Control Alt Elite that the amounts presented have been properly agreed and consented to by you.
After completion you still have the option to alternatively pay your investment and service payments by the due date using cash or cheque. If your account is not already settled or it is deemed by us that payment is owed, by you confirming authorisation below means we have your explicit permission to withdraw funds and overdue payments via Paypal as we deem necessary, up to the amount you have consented.

We will manage payment for you and direct debit your credit or debit card through Paypal’s secure payment gateway (A Paypal account is not required).

(We will not bill you this exact amount now, only the amount owed in future, from $0 upwards)
Credit Authorisation Amount (Variable Monthly Cost):
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