If we pay triple the price can we get results 3 times faster?

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Yes and No.
In much the same way 9 women working together can't make 1 baby in 1 month, quality SEO ranking in Google works very much the same way.
Google has patents related specifically to how quickly websites are optimised. Go outside their sensitive algorithm, and you will be no better off.

The effect of doing 3 months worth of SEO link building in 1 day would have a negative impact on your website long term, so we do not support such activity, but instead give Google exactly what it wants. We know and do exactly what Google likes to get your site ranked better.

Our practice is to offer a range of packages in a price window that we are confident will get you results, (as well as being in the range to benefit most from the Google ranking algorithm). It is our goal to get you a fast, but also, long term result, and return on investment.

But, it is possible to target multiple results on page 1 for other pages ranked for the same keyword phrase, or another webpage property to rank for another main keyword etc.
This is where are more advanced packages come in. For those who really want to build a massive impact with their brand.