Dealboard was a new Australian deals site founded in 2011. Their head office is based in Sydney, NSW, 2000.
*edit: please note, we have been informed Dealboard is no longer operational, so this post is now out of date/irrelevant, please take up any concerns with them or your relevant financial institution*
Dealboard has a frequently updated facebook page, showing all their latest deals. They are a group buying site providing many popular household and backyard items, bathroom goods and beauty accessories, sports equipment, home & garden products, electronic gadgets, furniture and many more categories! Each day you have access to a special members deal sale from a wide range of categories as per listed above, covering everything from clothing to electrical goods
Their stated mission is to give the customer a whopping 50%-90% off popular items DAILY! Their claim of what makes them different is that Dealboard’s large audience means they can provide the lowest possible prices.
To get an overview of the company: DealBoard offers large savings on popular products each and every day! I find the deals are on products I’d actually want and need, at hugely discounted prices. Unlike some of the other daily deals site’s I have been subscribed to, where I rarely find any sales of interest

As per the deals tracking site for dealboard their home page is located at and if you are interested you may subscribe to their daily notifications newsletter so you can receive the daily deals offers every day.
Try it out, and let me know what you think.

If you have any questions or would like to follow up on an order, they also have customer service available, which is important for an online company (especially considering how hard it is to get in contact with anyone these days, such as when having problems with Facebook or Google). Dealboard customer support can be reached on (02) 9283 5400 with opening hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Edit: For some reason we received contact from a Dealboard customer for support in relation to a purchase with them. This article is simply an industry news blog article, obviously we are not the same company, or in any way related companies, and have never even met their staff. In fact we’re in a different city, a completely unrelated, separate business, and have no interest in offering support for someone else’s company, and obviously can not help you with purchases you’ve made with an unrelated business to us. Contact Dealboard or their support website. Or it’s probably best to call them directly by phone.