Google Places SEO

Google Places is the official name for Google’s local business listings. SEO can be applied to optimise these listings just like a website, image or youtube video can be optimised to rank in the top results. Taking advantage of Google Places SEO can easily push you above your competition, gain you more traffic and result in highly targeted visitors from your local area.

These listings are of local businesses that show up for particular Google search terms. The exact way and form they take varies with each search term, and changes over time, however, they almost always show up when you search for a service type, and area in the same keyword phrase. For example “beauty therapy melbourne” brings up an image to the right of the main top 10 natural listings as you can see in the image below.

Google Places SEOIn this instance it was a map on the right side of Google’s natural search results. Other times it is on top above all results, other times mixed naturally in between the other standard organic results, and sometimes not shown at all.

Sometimes known as the “Google 7 pack”, because it usually only shows 7 highlighted businesses marked A-G, Google Places integrates with the Google Maps feature, so you can find information on local businesses in any area, easily find them on a map, get further information and directions, and find the business you were looking for.

Most importantly, it can help your customers find your business instead of your competition.

Google places is the next big thing in online (and offline) business promotion.

It is basically the nail in the coffin of Yellow Pages, and more and more people are now using it instead to find what they are looking for.

A large number of businesses are not yet listed in Google Places, and of those that are, almost none of them are optimised. Most are there by luck, and if your business comes along with an optimised local business listing, then you should be able to easily outrank them. Yes, you can optimise Google Places, so your local business listing can be in the 7 Pack, above your other competitors.

This is a massive opportunity for local businesses to get their site on the first page of Google faster than ever before.
Want your business’s Google Places page to rank on page 1? We can help search engine optimise your Google Places profile to perfect optimisation, where a tonne of local customers are searching for your business contact us now.